Requirements for Maintaining ICBA Certification(s)

I. Participation in an ICBA approved Continuing Professional Education (CPE) program requires that ALL ICBA Certification Participants must meet the described CPE credit requirements every two years beginning with the first calendar 2-year period following completed certification.

Acceptable Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Activities:

1.     Live Seminars/Conferences must account for at least half of all CPE credits earned per cycle

    • All qualified seminars are equal to 1 CPE credit per every 50 minutes of classroom instruction.

2.     Professional courses of study or college courses related to the common body of knowledge.

    • One (1) college credit earned for live classroom training will be equivalent to fifteen (15) hours of CPE
    •  Study has to relate to the common body of knowledge.

3.     Audio Conferences/Webinars, Computer Based Training, Internet/Online Courses, Videos, DVD and all other Self Study courses related to the common body of knowledge can account for a maximum of half of the required CPE credits per cycle.

II. Filing an Annual Report to the ICBA of the previous year’s Continuing Professional Education (CPE).

All ICBA Certificate holders must maintain the records of their Continuing Professional Education (CPE) for a period of four (4) years. Certificate holders will be subject to audit and verification each year of their CPE cycle.

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) information and the Annual Renewal Fee must be submitted to ICBA by no later than December 31 of the second year of the Certification Maintenance Cycle. Please note: pay only Annual Renewal Fees due. If there is no balance due shown you do not owe any fees at this time.


III. Reasons for disqualification and loss of participation in the ICBA Certification Program:

1.     Failure to complete the required number of hours of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) and to report to ICBA within specified deadlines.

2.     Failure to pay the Annual File Maintenance Fee within the specified deadline.

3.     Being found guilty of a felony by a U. S. or State court of law.


CPE Requirements for ICBA Certifications

Maintenance requirements begin on January 1 of the year following certification.  Maintenance cycles are two years in length.  The minimum number of CPE credits must be completed in each two year maintenance cycle for certification to be continued.  Minimum certification requirements are listed below for each ICBA Certification:

  • CCBIA - Certified Community Bank Internal Auditor - 30 CPE required
  • CCBCO - Certified Community Bank Compliance Officer - 30 CPE required
  • CBAP - Certified BSA/AML Professional - 15 CPE required
  • CCBSO - Certified Community Bank Security Officer - 15 CPE required
  • CCBCL - Certified Community Bank Consumer Lender - 15 CPE required
  • CCLO - Certified Commercial Loan Officer - 30 CPE required
  • CCBTO - Certified Community Bank Technology Officer - 30 CPE required
  • CPRM - Certified Payments Risk Manager - 15 CPE required